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You can read information and news of the utility, download Actual Search and Replace, and register the program. This is a shareware software.

The current version of the tool is 2.9.5.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or bug reports feel free to send them to search@divlocsoft.com.


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Product Info

This powerful tool provides search and replace operations across multiple ASCII (text, HTML etc.) files.

Actual Search and Replace works under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Server 2003/Vista/7/8/10/11 operation system.

You can find files by specifying the path, name masks, and a query. You can search documents for a phrase or several words, multiline or regular expression and use the search engines style queries.
Actual Search and Replace displays abstracts from the searched files and highlights the search words/phrases in them.
The tool allows to find files within the previous search results.
Once you find the documents, you can replace, insert, and delete text in them.
The preliminary search feature, ability to undo the operations and files backup help users to control the files modification process.
Files can be filtered by their size and last modification date.
You can save the report about the found files and detailed information about the occurrences found in them.
The batch replace operation allows to execute a lot of various replacements with one click.
Actual Search and Replace can be used also as a command line utility.
From ZDNet Review: "Use Actual Search and Replace to find files and execute search-and-replace operations across multiple files. This useful tool is fast and easy to use and of particular value to Webmasters who need to deal with ever-changing content on their Web sites. The powerful string search feature supports Boolean operators and displays and highlights matching strings. The even more powerful replace facility lets you insert text before or after search phrases, delete text, and replace text with spaces, in addition to standard text replacement. You can modify files one at a time or change them all with a single mouse click. Support is offered for both single and multiline entries. Options include filespec, date, and size filters; automatic backups of modified files; and full undo support."


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New features



         4/5/2023   2.9.5 Windows 11 compatibility
         7/1/2021   2.9.4

Regular expressions improvements

         3/4/2017   2.9.3

Windows 10 compatibility

         3/9/2013    2.8.9

Windows 8 compatibility

         5/12/2012    2.8.7

Minor improvements

         1/4/2010    2.8.6

Windows 7 compatibility

         8/10/2009    2.8.5 Replace Read Only Files and Replace Hidden Files options
         7/22/2008    2.8.2 Open Directory command
         10/18/2007    2.8.1 Batch Replace improvements
         9/29/2007    2.7.9
         9/14/2007    2.7.8
         8/12/2007    2.7.6 Batch Replace operation
         4/21/2007   2.7.5

Windows Vista compatibility improvements


         12/19/2006   2.7.1 Windows Vista compatibility
         11/12/2006 2.6.7 Delete Files and Rename Files commands



New directory browser



Directory Ignore List and File Ignore List



Possibility to use a modification interval for each found file



Create Report command

         8/16/2004 2.5.7

New file commands

         3/15/2004    2.5.3

Windows Server 2003 compatibility

         9/10/2003   2.4.5

Command line mode support

         4/21/2003  2.3.9

Browse Context command

         11/30/2002  2.3.6 Options to save changed files with the necessary line separators (Windows/Unix/Mac type)
         11/10/2002  2.3.5 New setup program that takes care of the .asr files association
         5/10/2002    1.5.2 Macros in the command that executes the editor
         4/12/2002  1.4.6 Saving the detailed information about the occurrences found with the use of regular expression
         4/6/2002  1.4.5 The performance of the search with the use of regular expressions was increased
         4/3/2002   1.4.3 Regular expressions syntax improvements
         3/30/2002 1.4.2

Regular expressions support

         2/18/2002 1.2.26

Lines Viewer window improvements

         1/27/2002 1.2.25

Search within the previous search results 

         12/22/2001 1.2.23  Windows XP compatibility improvements
         12/1/2001  1.2.21

Windows XP compatibility