Actual Search & Replace and Word Actual Search and Replace are available for free download and use during the trial period. When this period expires you must either purchase a program or stop using our software and uninstall it from your system.

You can purchase a program online using secure order form or place your order by phone, fax or mail through Customer Service. Business customers can also make payments using purchase orders. All types of orders are processed by ShareIt payment service.




Program IDs and Prices

Utility License Type ID Price
Actual Search & ReplaceSingle User License 21354000001 $29.95
2 Users License 21354000002 $44.00
3 Users License 21354000003 $59.00
5 Users License 21354000004 $89.00
8 Users License 21354000005 $129.00
10 Users License 21354000006 $149.00
15 Users License 21354000007 $169.00
20 Users License 21354000008 $189.00
Site License 21354000009 $249.00
Worldwide License 21354000010 $349.00
Educational Site License21354000011$149.00
Word Actual Search and ReplaceSingle User License21354000000$29.95
2 Users License


3 Users License21354000013$59.00
5 Users License


8 Users License21354000015$129.00
10 Users License 21354000016 $149.00
15 Users License


20 Users License


Site License21354000019$249.00
Worldwide License


Educational Site License



Site License
allows the use of a program by members of the same organization within a single town or city.
Worldwide License covers all members of a single organization worldwide.
Educational Site License allows to use a program on any number of computers within the same educational institution (school, college, university or other institution). The teachers may also use a program at home.

Online Orders

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, PayPal, Check or Cash. Please choose the license you would like to purchase (click the corresponding License Type name in the table).

Purchase Orders

Business customers can generally place a purchase order through our payment processor. Private customers are not eligible for this type of order.

Please visit the Customer Care Center to get information on how to place a purchase order.

NOTE: Purchase orders must include the program ID (see the table).

Customer Service

If you have ordered our software and would like to review your order information, or if you have questions about ordering or payment, please visit the Customer Care Center. You can also get information on how to place order by phone, fax or mail if you don't want to order online.

NOTE: If you order by fax or phone you must mention the product ID (see the table).